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Property of nickel silver

1) Color
Nickel silver (Cu-Ni-Zn) has a color similar to silver through the proper composition of Zn and Ni. The difference in color comes from the ratio of composition of Zn and Ni.
Nickel silver with higher contents of Cu would have yellow color and beautiful green glossy if the contents of Zn increase.

2) Physical property
It has good workability properties because it is combined with Pb, Mn, Sn to improve the cutting.

3) Strength Property
Nickel silver has a high level of work-hardening through cold work, so it is stronger than any other copper alloys. The Brinell hardness is between 85-190 HB and the tensile strength is between 340-610 N/ this varies depending on the composition of each component.
It has excellent fatigue resistance, too.

4) Corrosion resistance
Nickel silver has no dezincification and is also insensitive to stress corrosion cracks.
The oxidation resistance in the atmosphere depends on the composition of component and increases in proportion to the contents of Ni. It has oxidation resistance up to 400. It has good resistance to neutral salt that has corrosive, and is far more superior to binary brass alloy.

Purpose of nickel silver strip & sheet

Crystal oscillator cap, shielding material of mobile phone, electronic parts, key, coin, frame of spectacles, electric bulb for car, medical device, western tableware (spoon, fork, knife, etc)